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Green Car Lease is a division of Wessex Fleet Solutions. Based in Salisbury, Wessex Fleet Solutions are specialists in sourcing cars and vans. Whether you are after a business contract hire or a personal lease, we will strive to find the most competitive deal for our customers. Green Car Lease is committed to providing cost effective, environmentally friendly vehicles for all customers.

Our goal is to advise which cars are the best of their type, whether that is a small hatchback or something that can carry seven people. We aim to provide clear, easily understood advice about choosing and using cars in a more environmentally considerate way

All vehicles supplied through this site will be carbon neutral -- please see below for further details. We can offer any make or model of vehicle on a carbon neutral lease. We have chosen to only advertise prices for vehicles with a hybrid engine, however please feel free to contact us for pricing on any car or van of your choice.


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Toyota Auris from £263.99+vat

Carbon Neutral Leasing

In brief, we will ensure that for every ton of carbon emitted into the atmosphere by a vehicle we supply, we will pay for the CO2 emitted to be replaced. Thus the carbon loss caused by these vehicles is neutralised. We will calculate the amount of carbon emitted or the "carbon profile" of the lease vehicle, and pay for sustainable energy projects to offset emissions. In this way, vehicles leased through Green Car Lease will be truly carbon neutral. The environmentally friendly projects around the world involve supporting:

* Renewable energy -- this replaces non-renewable fuel such as coal
* Energy efficiency -- this reduces the amount of fuel needed
* Forest restoration -- this absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere as the trees grow

Each customer will receive an emailed certificate from a climate care organisation confirming the donation made by Green Car Lease to offset emissions. Please call us on 01722 322 888 and ask for further details.

Corporate Fleet Management Programme

Whatever your fleet size, we are able to establish a programme to help manage your vehicles in a cost effective and efficient manner. We currently work with customers to create a tailored service that meets the needs of each individual company. Drivers call us directly with breakdown issues, accident damage repair, rental vehicles, abroad requests, payment issues, vehicle movements and any other vehicle related queries that occur. We eliminate management headaches and reduce costs.

Essentially, we establish agreed parameters with a company and then handle vehicles and drivers accordingly. We pride ourselves in providing a personal and friendly service - no call centers, frustrating phone systems or remote / distant help desks. You call our offices directly with queries, and we handle everything. We get to know drivers personally in order to ensure a slick and efficient process. We take pride in the fact that both drivers and fleet managers enjoying working with us.

In addition to the above, we are also able to offer all corporate customers a carbon neutral fleet management package. This takes into consideration emissions generated from fleet cars and vans as well as rental / courtesy cars supplied throughout the UK . Please contact us directly for further information about how we can manage your fleet in a personal, cost efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

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All cars on this site are Carbon Neutral!



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Toyota Prius Hybrid

From £254.99+vat

Honda Insight Hybrid

From £203.9+VAT

prius focus bio

Honda CR-Z Hybrid

From £263.99+vat

Lexus CT 200h

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